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CMF Ads: A Low Cost, High Value Advertising For Bloggers Closes Shop!

Just recently, an announcement was posted in the CMF Ads blog as well as the CMF homepage, as follows:

“Dear members,

Today we have made the decision to close CMF Ads, with effect from late October 2011. This blog post is to explain why the site is closing, and what happens next.”

What Is CMF Ads?

As a member of CMF Ads for more than two years I, too, felt sad upon reading the announcement, just like the many blogger-members.

For those who don’t know what CMF Ads yet, it is an advertising firm for blogs where the advertiser-bloggers can have:

  • Network Ads start at $0.30 for 10,000 impressions ($0.03 CPM).
  • Firework Ads start at $1.00 for 50 unique clicks.
  • Campaign Ads run for 30 days at a price set by the publisher.

At the same time, a blogger can also earn by being a publisher:

  • Passive income with performance-based payments.
  • Earnings go into your account – no need to keep topping up.
  • Reinvest your earnings – buy ads and get your blog noticed.

Recession and Blog Advertising

It seems that recession, coupled with many members’ cutting down on expenses to advertise their blogs, has forced CMF Ads to close shop. As Ben Barden, CMF Ads creator and Admin says:

“Why the Closure?

For several months we have noticed a sharp decline in activity across the site. Many of our advertisers have simply stopped coming back.

We have had several attempts to bring the site back to life, such as Atomic Ads, but these have hardly been used. We have also noticed a big decrease in the amount of payments coming into the site. General site usage is also down.

There are always reasons for activity to decline, such as people going on holiday, having time off work or school, going back to work or school, going outside during the summer, and so on. However, there’s only so long you can come up with excuses. It’s reached the point where we can’t ignore it any longer.”

In closing, Ben has this to say:

“We understand that this will come as a disappointment to many of you, particularly if you’ve supported us since the early days. We really appreciate your support and would not have lasted this long if it had not been for you. CMF Ads is closing because we feel it has reached the end of its life, and we don’t want to drag it out any further.”

So Long CMF Ads!

I don’t want to say Goodbye to CMF Ads. Knowing Ben Barden, his expertise in web development, his experience in running an ad network and his love for it, I know he’ll soon  come back with a new advertising for blogs – better and more vibrant.

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  1. As an ex-CMF member (an “ex” due to network’s closure), I am also saddened by the sudden closing of the blog advertising network. I really appreciate its value to bloggers.

    By the way, Ben Barden has now started a new site for bloggers at Floor15. It’s not so clear yet how the system will go but knowing Ben, as You said, it should be good for bloggers.

  2. Thank you, pareng Ed, for your nice comment, for sharing your thoughts about CMF Ads which we are both “ex” members, and for dropping by.

    Mabuhay ka!

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