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Effective And Easy Ways To Market Yourself And Get Ahead

In my years of associating with people of all kinds, either in the work place, civic clubs, professional organizations and business groups, I’ve met a lot of them who are competent, industrious  and hardworking. Yet, they have not moved up in their organizations and in the companies that they worked for, compared to their potentials and yourself

On the other hand, I’ve also seen people who are just average in talents, skills and abilities, but  they were able to move up the organizational ladder, e.g. becoming managers of the companies that they were working for, and presidents of civic and professional groups where they belong.

Why? Is life unfair? I don’t think so. But applying business and management principles, I have learned one important lesson in career as in life:– That if you want to get ahead, either in the company that you are working for or in the clubs and organizations in which you are a member of, being good at what you do is only half the battle. The other half is: –You must also know how to promote and market yourself.

Below are some important tips on how to promote and market yourself:

1 . Plan your career or business path. Develop short term as well as long term objectives that you can measure and evaluate on a month-to-month basis. Having a plan will guide you on what you do, step by step, instead of just mindlessly getting by and just wait and see what life and your career bring.

2.  Establish good relations with the boss. Whether in business or in professional groups, always develop and maintain good relationships with the boss. Better still, treat the boss like a client by catering to his/her needs and go out of your way to make the boss look good.

3. Become the person others can depend on. This is like going the extra mile, as taught in the Bible. Volunteer to accept additional assignments and duties that make others’ jobs easier. This will make you wanted by your peers and colleagues and they will consider you valuable to them.

4. Make yourself visible. Be seen in professional, civic, and business groups outside of your job. Offer to speak to clubs and organizations needing to know your line of work or expertise. This way your credentials will get a boost, and you will be considered an expert.

5. Package yourself. This means your language, including your non-verbal ones, like the way you move and behave, plus your clothing and appearance, projects a successful image. Be confident and act confident but in a nice and friendly way.

So, you want to get ahead in the workplace and in professional circles? It is up to you now to market yourself by implementing the above tips. The rest is all up to you.

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  1. Good advice on image building and career development. I’ll follow your advice.

  2. True. I believe in the meaning of all these.

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