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For EC Members: No Time To Drop 100 Cards Today? Just Comment On This Blog And Get 100 Ec And Win $$

To fellow Entrecard members, let’s have some fun and do what we usually do—comment on other members’ blogs. But this time you not only get a link by commenting which will improve your Page Rank, you also get 100 ec for one comment.

1 Million EC Contest logo

1 Million EC Contest logo

Why? Because the 1 Million EC Contest, the biggest EC Contest in Entrecard’s history, is now on its second week.

This week, my blog Business Sphere is one of the sponsors, from September 15 – September 21, 2009.

For this contest, Business Sphere is giving away 3,500 ec and US $5 cash, via Paypal.

How To Win? Oh, very simple. All you have to do is to leave a comment on any of my 4 blog posts. You can do so from September 15 up to September 21, 2009.

But please note that the comments must be of quality, at least 3 sentences, and responsive to the post that you are commenting. Short and cliché comments like “Nice post” or “Good article” will not be counted.

The first 35 commenters will get 100 ec each for each comment.

The winner of the $5 will be chosen randomly, through

Before you start, please read first the contest rules in Cornymans Money-Blog, then come back here and comment.

You can comment on any of the following posts:

1). The Role of Luck In Our Lives And How To Seize Opportunities.

2). Your Blog Image – Look Like A Thousand, Not A Million.

3). Tips On Dealing With A Laid-Off Spouse And On Punishing Performers.

4). At Entrecard: What? An Ad Price of 524,288 ec For 1-Day Equals To 1,747 (4.78 Years) Of Dropping Cards!

Just a reminder. After you have commented on any of my posts above, please go back to Cornymans Money-Blog and post a comment on his blog’s comment section, stating therein which of the posts you have commented on my blog.

Otherwise your entries will not be counted, you will not be given the 100 ec, and your chance to win the cash prize is forfeited, since this commenting contest is part and parcel of the 1 Million EC Contest. The contest is organized by Cornyman.

Winners will be announced in Cornymans Money-Blog either on September 22 or 23, after the closing time of the contest by midnight of September 21, 2009.

You can also comment on the other sponsors’ blogs for this week ‘s contest, if you want to get more Entrecredits.

The list of other sponsors and their prizes are also found in Cornymans Money Blog.

So, just take a minute to read the contest rules first, as well as to get to know the other sponsors for this week’s contest, on Cornymans Money-Blog, here.

Then come back to this blog and comment.

Let’s have some fun, enjoy and earn Ec. Join the contest now!

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  1. I am just curious. What if I have already made a comment at those published articles, do I have to place a comment again for me to have a chance to win?

  2. Lainy, thanks for commenting. Your query was also the same concern that I have asked Cornyman this morning. He hasn’t answered yet. Will inform you of his answer through Entrecard message box.

  3. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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