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Here’s The Magic Chants To Attract Money

A reader, after reading my previous post on the role of luck in our life and how to seize opportunities, asked me if I also know about any magic chants that he can use to attract money.

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He said he heard that there are magic chants that some people have been using to attract wealth and so, if I have those chants, he wants me to try it, saying that he has nothing to lose but everything to gain if it works.

I myself have heard about magic chants to attract money but I have not tried it, believing that money will come as a result of working hard or working smart. But recently I came across an intriguing and fascinating book written by Raymond Buckland, a famous author of the esoteric and the occult sciences, titled “The Power of Magic Chants.”

Browsing the said book, I came across the recommended chants for generating large sums of money. So, I am sharing one of these chants I’ve found in the book, for readers who have been looking for magic spells to bring in money.

However, I have not yet tried chanting it, so I could not guarantee the results. Although many people have swear that the chants have been successful in bringing them large sums of money. Here it is:

Light your candles and incense. Sit for a moment and think hard about the exact amount of money you need. See the money, see yourself holding it, counting it. Imagine not that it will come, but that it has come—that you now have it.

With this in mind, you may start the chant.

Try  to think of the words, of what to say, as you chant them. Get the rhythm so that it is automatic. Sit, and stand or kneel, whichever is more comfortable.  Here’s now the chant:

Suddenly I see the pile,

Suddenly I hold the sum,

Suddenly I end the trial,

For the money –it has come!

For the money — that I need.

For the need that is so strong.

For these words that I do read,

Brings the money right along.

Brings the money without waiting.

Brings the money right to me.

Brings the answer to my waiting.

Suddenly I will be free.

Look hard into the smoke of the incense and, again, see the money in your hands. Again chant:

For the money that I need,

For the need that is so strong

For these words that I do read,

Brings the money right along.

Brings the money without waiting,

Brings the money right to me.

Brings the answer to my waiting,

Suddenly I will be free.

Close your eyes, place your fingertips on your temples and again see the money in your possession. After a few moments of this visualization, open your eyes again and chant:

Suddenly I see the pile,

Suddenly I hold the sum,

Suddenly I end my trial,

For the money –it has come!

As I’ve mentioned, I can’t guarantee the above chants will work, because I haven’t tried them—at least not yet. But I read a lot about the testimonies of other people who have tried them and some even reported great success in using the chants.

In the event that they work for you and you receive a lot of money, please remember to share it to others, thus spreading the sunshine. And please don’t forget to share some amount to me also.

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  1. Hi Eli,

    except from the chant it looks like i read the same in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich”.

    It’s all about visualization of the money, especially about the exact sum. This seems to be important and that you possess this amount of money.

    Sometimes this scenario worked out for me (small amounts), sometimes not – depending on the sum 🙂

  2. that’s great eli! i’m gonna have to write this one down. have a wonderful day…hugz!

  3. Ok, I tried this one out of desperation and seriously i’m still freaked out. This really works, even the EXACT amount I request came to me in one and a half days after doing the chant. If you’re an optimist you’d be freak by this one.

  4. A friend and I did this chant at work (we also make tips); that day my friend made $300 in tips!! Unfortunately, I didn’t make half of that. I was determined to see results from this chant! So, the next day, I tried again by myself; my friend was not there because, she sprained her ankle the day she made that $300 in tips. My second try was much more effective.

  5. I got almost 9,000 dollars from this thanx

  6. I did this chant 4 times. I didn’t use any candles or incense. 2 days later I made $1,000.00. This chant does work if you believe it will. You send out positive vibrations and that is how you get it back! Takes concentration. “Believe”. 🙂 -Thank you for this chant.. Helped me allot right before Christmas.

  7. Yes, this works. I used it Friday but changed all of the “need” phrases to make them past tense. I booked over $1000 worth of sales copy work just today. A position was offered to me which can pay out into the tens of thousands each month and I “downloaded” an idea from the Universe which will take a multi-million dollar media company GLOBAL. It is Sunday at 6 pm EST. I did this four times with a friend (in past tense) on Friday at 3 pm EST. Great weekend! Thanks Universe!! (No candles, no incense were used)

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