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How Do You Make Your Workers Loyal? Leadership is Action, Not Position

If you are managing people as an owner of a business, manager or supervisor, how do you make your workers loyal to you and the organization?

And since managing people involves leadership, what kind of a leader are you?

The Oft-repeated problems in management and leadership

These are the oft-repeated questions asked by business owners, managers and supervisors in many seminars and one-on-one consultation, as far as I can remember. These are age-old problems in management and leadership.

How do you get your workers’ loyalty?

Again, how do you get the loyalty of your workers? Once you have gained your workers’ loyalty, how do you hold their loyalty for long?

Winning the loyalty of your people in the workplace may not be difficult. But more difficult is making their loyalty last, and make them stay in the organization.

This is so because of competition, where some firms just “pirate” your good people to join them by offering them bigger pay, incentives, and more fringe benefits.

Leadership and Motivation are the key

Through the years I have observed that the best way to gain and hold the loyalty of your personnel is to show interest in them and care for them, by your words and actions, in everything you do.

This involves leadership. And what kind of a leader are you? Leadership is action, not position. This means you must develop leadership ability.

Leadership ability is what you’re capable of doing, that you must know how to motivate your people. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

A good manager or leader knows how to act, to do. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Leadership is action

In the final analysis, it is wonderful when the people believe in their leader.  But it is more wonderful when the leader believes in the people, in their capacity to work productively, to be efficient and effective.

This way, the human resources in the organization are maximized to bring results, more output, higher profits.

It boils down to managing people, in leading them, getting their loyalty and retaining their loyalty, for effective business performance.

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  1. Thanks for this short “essay” on workers loyalty and leadership. Indeed, this subject on personnel loyalty and leadership have been around since ages past.

    I, too, am involved in personnel management for the last 30 years and the questions that you have raised here are the same questions that we’ve been asking for the last many years.

    Thanks for this good post – easy, short, and readable.

  2. Roland, I agree with you. The problems of getting the loyalty of the workers and of retaining their loyalty are common problems since time immemorial. Each manager or leader is confronted with these problems.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and for leaving a comment.


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