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How To Be A Better Leader? What To Do To Be A Good Manager?

Harvey, a supervisor in a department store who was just promoted a manager wrote me yesterday, asking:

“How can I be a better leader or manager?” “What must I do to become a good and effective manager? Can you please give me some tips, rules, or suggestions?”

Personally I believe that a leader or manager is not born, but made. There is no born leader or manager, because the principles and practices of management and leadership could be learned by doing.

Very recently I’ve found a sort of twelve (12) guidelines and tips on the web, and I am sharing these to Harvey and to you, my readers.

1. Always smile. Smiles are contagious and will make others feel positive when you’re around.

2. Don’t play favorites. Playing favorites can bias your judgment and impair your leadership abilities. Treat your employees equally.

3. Never discuss employee matters with their co-workers. This kind of gossip always gets back to the person and will make you look unprofessional.

4. Provide motivation. Sometimes employees need a morale boost. Provide them with encouragement to get a project rolling.

5. Be open to constructive criticism. It may not always be what you want to hear, but listening to constructive criticism gives you the chance to learn and grow from your mistakes.

6. Explain things simply. Don’t use big words or technical jargon just to sound smart and impress others. Your employees will understand and perform better if you explain simply and clearly what you need.

7. Instruct rather than order. You may be the boss, but you don’t have to be bossy. You’ll have more success if your requests are more tactfully delivered.

8. Stand up for employees. If other departments or managers are bearing down hard on your employees, stand up for them.

9. Get the facts first. Before you pass judgment on a situation, make sure you have the whole story. Listen to employees and refrain from questioning anyone’s integrity without first ensuring that you’ve gathered all the data.

10. Make a difference to your employees. Don’t just be a generic manager — stand out as a leader and role model for your employees.

11. Gain your employees’ trust and respect. You’ll have a much easier time managing employees when they respect your rules and boundaries and trust your leadership.

12. Remember that ethics matter above all. Be honest and reliable.

 Of course, there is no hard and fast rules in leading and in managing. It is situational. You decide and act based on a given situation and circumstances, with your objective and goals in mind.

So, what you do with the above 12 tips and guidelines are entirely up to you.

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  1. Thank you for this tips. I found this very helpful in my work as a supervisor in a call center company.

  2. This article is awesome. Reading the article makes me understand more that leadership can be learned and developed by actually practicing leadership. I agree that leadership could not be learned by reading but by doing.

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