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How To Invest In Real Estate With Little Money Down

Invest in houses, apartment or condominium units, land and fields, and you can never go wrong.

Why? Because the population is growing and booming, and nobody is making any more land. Since land is in fixed supply, its price always goes higher as a result of increasing demand.real estate

However many people believe that investment in real estate always requires money and lots of it. You must have money to make money, right?

Well, actually, you can buy real estate properties with little money – at least, none of your money down, and then you can be on the road to riches. In “1001 Perfectly Legal Ways To Get Exactly What You Want, When You Want It, Every Time,” the editors of FC & A Publishing share some of the following tips for investment with little money down:

1. Satisfy the seller’s needs. The seller may need to buy some items for his new home or new venture. Offer to purchase these items for him if he will reduce your down payment. You can use credit cards or, better still, store credit to buy the items.

2. Assume the seller’s debts. People often sell property because they want to relieve some of their financial obligations. You could contact the seller’s creditors, tell them you are going to pay the notes off  instead of the seller, and even ask them to extend the due dates of the notes. You then could deduct the amount of the obligations you assumed from the down payment.

3. Offer to pay the down payment in increasing installments. You could pay monthly in six months or on a year’s time. This gives you time to find the rest of the money, or you could fix the property up and put it back on the market for a quick profit.

So, as you can see, sometimes investing in real estate doesn’t cost much. It just takes a little creativity to make money.

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  1. Real state investment it might take some money however I believe the benefit is one of the best.

  2. Investing is my way of earning money both online and offiline, right now i am into venture capital.,,”

  3. it is convenient to live in a Condominium if you are in a big city but i like big lawns and backyard gardens.””

  4. investing could earn you lots of money if you properly invest your money;.`

  5. investing is tricky, sometimes you win and sometimes you loss. Risk takers win of course *`.

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