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How To Make Money By Being A Landlord

After my childhood friend Fred was laid-off from his work two years ago, I advised him to use his separation pay benefits from his employer to invest in real estate, by being a landlord.

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Though his real estate investment did not make him rich overnight, it made life for him and his family comfortable.

Presently, Fred has a four (4) door apartment building and three (3) houses which he rents out to tenants, earning for him a sure monthly income.

In fact, the rental income that he was getting now was more than two times his latest salary when he was still employed as a sales supervisor of a trading company before he was retrenched.

If you want to make money in real estate as a landlord like Fred, here’s how:

1. Find an old house or an old apartment building to buy. Buying old houses or apartment buildings are cheaper than buying new.

2. Buy the old house or apartment building for a little down payment as possible from your own pocket, and borrow as much as possible, by mortgaging the property.

3. Increase the value of the property immediately by renovating and upgrading it.

4. Once done, rent out the property. Since shelter is basic and people always need a place to live, a house or an apartment unit is always in demand.

5. Pay your mortgage, as well as the maintenance of the property, from the rental income. After paying the mortgage and the maintenance expenses, the remaining balance from the rental income will be yours to keep, to invest, or to make a living out of it.

Indeed, real estate is always a good investment, and one of these is by being a landlord.

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  1. Good advice! Why I did not thought of that before, maybe for lack of advice from a guy like you.

    I could have invested in real estate also. But it’s not too late.

    Excuse me, I have to go now and find an old house to buy.

  2. I’m excited with the enlightenment i’m receiving from you on how to make profitable investments. I want to make my money grow through diversified invesments. The challenge I have is how to avoid loss as not all investments can guarantee good returns and some if not properlly handle can lead to collosal loses.
    I really want to invest in estate business, though my income is not big. Please counsel me on how to go about it. Thank you.

  3. its not easy finding a good tennant but you can find a cheap old house which will be expensive to repair and pain in the neck unless you are a builder or property expert

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