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How To Promote and Brand Yourself: Advice from Paris Hilton

How do you promote yourself to get ahead, get the job that you applied for, create a good first impression, or attain business success, etc.? 

Well, here’s the advice from Paris Hilton, a 30-year-old American businesswoman, multi-millionaire socialite heiress, fashion icon, television and movie star.

In her book “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chick Peek Behind the Pose”, Paris has the following advice, which are good quotes. I have included my own interpretation and comments after each quote.

On Branding YourselfParis says: “I’m an actress, a brand, a business woman. I’m all kinds of stuff.”

What Paris means is that each of us must have our own individual identity, our own brand. This means we must package ourselves into what we want others to see us, to know us. This is important if we are to create our own reputation.

What is your brand? How do people see you – as a person, a unique individual, a blogger, businessman or woman, a wife or husband, a professional?

In addition, as Paris says, we must be “all kinds of stuff”. This means we must strive to be persons who know how to multi-task our roles, who have other skills, or know many things.

On Being Your Own Boss. Paris says: “The best thing about owning your own nightclub is that everything’s free and you can tell the DJ to play whatever you want.”

Here, Paris is giving us business advice on having our own business. Having our own business means we are our own boss. We can tell our staff to do things for us, delegate responsibilities,  maximize our time, resources and profit.

On Friendship. Paris says: “I only want friends who are there for me like I’m there for them. Otherwise, it’s too painful.”

This is very important. We must be careful to select real friends, true friends who will stay for us and with us through thick or thin. Or as Paris says, friends who are there for us. But we should also be true to our friends, and we must be for our friends as well.

This means we don’t need fair weather friends, – those people who are with us only when the going is well. And leave us at first opportunity when we are of no use to them. The world is full of such opportunistic people.

On Creating First Impressions: Paris says: “Trust me, people act differently toward you when you’ve got jewelry on your head.”

What Paris probably meant is that we must try to look our best, to create a good impression. First impression counts.

It’s true, to look good, “having a jewelry on our head” makes all the difference. To have a good facial expression, to smile, to look pleasant, is important to project our image, our brand, our identity. It’s like having a jewelry on our head, figuratively speaking.

On Being Consistent.  Paris says: “You can see all these girls leaving a party at the end of the night and they look terrible … This is a huge mistake. People remember how you look when you leave as much as they remember how you look when you arrived.”

This means we must be consistent on how we look and on our outlook. This includes our job performance, our managing the business and tending the store, and the way we treat others – our friends, families, business associates, customers.

This means that whatever we do, we should strive for excellence, from beginning to end, since the ending is as important as the beginning.

As they say, all that begins well, ends well.

 *credit for image: Glenn Francis at en.wikipedia

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  1. Great post, you gave some great value. Branding is key when building a successful business, Many people try to build business and not brands in order to be successful you must focus on building brands not business…

    Great post will be back to read more

  2. Yes, Brand Name is important. It is making you unique from the others and make your own identity. People can easily recall products by brand.

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