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Is Entrecard Making A Joke On Us By Injecting CPC Ads Into Our Inbox?

I’m puzzled. Why? I can’t believe it can happen, but it is happening.

For the past 3 days, a blog without an Entrecard widget and which uses an image of a sexy girl, has been appearing on my drop inbox three times (3x) a day, the latest of which was November 29, 2009. entrecard hacked

I was wondering because the blog has no EC widget but could still drop cards and appeared in my Drop Inbox 3x a day. How could that be? Is Entrecard making a joke on us by injecting CPC Ads into our drop inbox? Or is it a system glitch?

But the probability that it was a system glitch is nil. You see, the landing page of this blog goes to “Blog Production:Software” which is clearly a network marketing site and has a lot of CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) ads on it. See it for yourself. It’s URL is (Sorry, no link from here, why should I give my link away?)

I checked the site out on Entrecard and it does not exist. You can check this out also. That is probably the reason why the site does not display an EC widget because it is not a member of Entrecard.

My puzzle was answered by coincidence today.  While dropping cards this afternoon, I came across a post by BigDaddyRichard, the highly respected blogger behind the popular Traders’ Hub, titled “Is Entrecard Injecting CPC Ads Into Our Inbox?

In his well-written post, Traders’ Hub was also very disturbed because the same ad of “Blog Production: Software” also appeared more than once in his drop inbox. Legitimate members of Entrecard can drop only once on any EC member’s site.

Traders’ Hub thinks that since the blog or ad of “Blog Production: Software” can appear in drop  inbox more than once in a day, 3x in my case, it can only be done by EC Administrators or with their blessings.

The suspicious blog leads to this landing page which is a network marketing site:

blog production

As observed by Traders’ Hub:

“There are network marketers who are legitimate members of Entrecard. There is nothing wrong with that. They drop on your sites and we reciprocate the drops they make.

“But for a non-member’s link to appear on your inbox, and more than once at that…..something is terribly wrong. If this link is a cpc ad, then whoever placed the link must be making loads of money from the clicks made by unsuspecting EC members who merely wanted to reciprocate the drops made on them. If this is a cpa (cost per action) ad, then it is getting free advertising.

“And if any unsuspecting EC member happens to subscribe to any product or service in the landing page, then whoever placed that link will be making loads of money!”

In his brilliant post, Traders’ Hub also said:

“I am prepared to be banned by Entrecard because of this expose. Nevertheless, I am exhorting all Entrecarders to be vigilant against this scrupulous scheme and expose all Entrecards which are mere cpc ads!”

For now don’t click on this card when you see it on your inbox:

entrecard hacked

So, if you come across an ad in your drop inbox like the above, expose them yourself by making a blog post similar to this. Let us not allow this “scam” to continue at our expense!

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  1. I have the same experience and blogged about it too. It is time we get everyone to act against this.

  2. Oooh. I can’t say I’ve seen this in my EC box, but I’ll keep an eye out now!

  3. EEEE! No, you’re right! It’s in my inbox twice for today. Mind you, that could just be the person has two blogs with the same picture. Though I’m sure you’ve looked at that already.

    I didn’t notice this because I don’t usually click on the inbox drops, as an awful lot lead to Blogspot blogs, which China blocks, and if I click on them it also block Entrecard for two minutes.

    I’ll spread the word on my blog too!

  4. Here is the link to the EntreCard-Profile of the blog:

    it links to and from that page it redirects directly to your given link

    The problem with EntreCard is that you can change your link to whatever web site you want… without any further approval of EntreCard (like your wife could change the landing page after she changed the URL!)

  5. @ BigDaddyRichard, your action is very laudable.

    @ Chinaren, the blog is the same. Of the 3 ads that appeared on my drop inbox for the last 3 days, it refers to one and the same blog.

    @ Cornyman, the link that you’ve provided still directs to the same blog, WITHOUT an EC widget. It should have been deleted by Entrecard for having no widget. But what I can’t understand is this: how come it could drop 3x in one day on the same blog, like mine? Do you have explanation for this?

  6. thank you for the heads up on this eli. i don’t use my inbox much. i have added to my blog roll the sites i enjoy and that’s how i drop usually. if i get bored sometimes i will go to my inbox, but i don’t drop on all of it. it’s pretty sad that greed is such a huge factor in this world and has found its way into entrecard. i only keep the account open because it does have lots of wonderful blogs listed. i have been very busy with my new grandbaby to do much blog hopping, but am trying to get back to it. have a great day eli…hugz!

  7. Same thing here… I stopped opening them once I discovered they were spammy and without widgets.

  8. It’s VERY WEIRD!

    Haven’t encountered it yet in my drops Inbox. This is a very informative and substantial post. It makes Entrecard members to be aware of the nasty things happening in Entrecard. If this kind of system is not resolved then it would never do good to any of us.

  9. I wrote a blog post and revealed the secret behind this abusive system of this user (probably connected with two other users he seems to have setup their websites, but one website is no more used since August 2008!)

    Revealing the secret behind the THREE identical ad pictures

  10. I’m telling you.

    Time to not be so dependent on EC for traffic.

    It’s obvious they don’t care.

    Besides, EC is little more than a glorified traffic exchange,
    like Blog Explosion.

    But maybe that’s just me.

    Hope this finds you well, Eli



  11. we have same experience. I think its not entrecard admin, but their member like us

  12. Look like EC is scamming its members

  13. I just checked and it’s been deleted from the EC system.

  14. Thanks for the heads up! I too clicked on it and found no widget. I have made a mental note not to click it again!

  15. I too, don’t use my inbox much, but that is very suspicious that it showed up 3X per day. I have found some other EC “mistakes,” and should have another post up in just a few minutes at

  16. I never had this experience to my blogs, but thanks for warning me.

  17. Thank you for this post! I put this widget on my blog, , waiting for the little ad to change into my own business card. Then after the day passed, I got suspicious and rewatched the trailer. It’s a damn ponzi scheme!

    Anyway, I linked to your post, and I hope you don’t mind ( )

    Hopefully word will get around, and we can take down this scam before they run off with people’s money.


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