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Six Lessons I’ve Learned from Winning Disciplines for Success That Everyone Should Know

A guest post from Lois Yasay

I recently attended the Winning Disciplines for Success event at the SMX Convention Center at Pasay City, Metro Manila.

In attendance are more than 2,000 go-getting, change-making, success-driven individuals from all walks of like.

I saw celebrities, business executives andstudents come together with one goal in mind: to learn how to be successful.

The half day event left a lasting impression and further strengthened my ideas about how to achieve success in all aspects of my life. In those 5 hours of talks from Francis Kong and his powerhouse guests, I learned more than my brain could probably absorb.

I thought I’d pass along the most valuable life lessons I learned. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re an executive or a student, we can all benefit from a few winning disciplines that would catapult us to success.

1. The key to success is delayed gratification or personal discipline.

 Francis Kong kicked off the event with a fresh insight on discipline. He says that the word discipline has a negative connotation because it reminds us of what our parents and teachers have inculcated in our minds. When in fact, discipline is not just about rules and regimen. Personal discipline was illustrated in a video he showed about the Marshmallow Test. Children were offered a marshmallow but told that if they could resist eating it for a given time, they would be given 2. Kids who passed this experiment later became successful in life.

 2. We all have a special software wired into our head called imagination.

 When an award winning director tells you, you have creative power, you better believe it. Jeric Soriano talked about potential and how we can harness our power to create. He talked about 3 simple steps: First, change the way you think by changing the pictures you see in your heart. I never realized that we can consciously choose our thoughts in the same way we choose our clothes each day. Second, change the way you speak. Jeric reminds us that words carry a powerful creative force. He says that the words we put into our minds turn into images. The impact therefore becomes even greater as a mere word we place on our mind grows organically first into several images then into scenes and eventually into a storyline. Third, change the way you react to things. He says: “Don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how BIG your GOD is.”

 3. Don’t just dream- make your dream come true!

After Jeric, his very talented film director son Paul Soriano spoke next. Paul share how he came back to the Philippines after growing up in America. He wanted to be a film director and at age 25, he approached Gary Valenciano by saying, “Hey let’s make your music video!” Talk about young confidence! He told us that the burden of the film maker is how to present a story. “There’s a lot of great stories out there,” he says. “But if you don’t know how to tell it, it’s still bad.” He reminded us that we have to take that extra step- dream and execute it!

4. You can look like your 25 year old self.

Dyan Castillejo was so inspiring as she hops onstage saying “I feel like I’m just 25!” And she really looks it! Dressed in spandex and high heels, she looks like the embodiment of youth. She shared a fewtips on how she keeps healthy and feels great in her 40s. 1 Decide to make exercise a happy necessity in life. She came with her weights and exercise ball. She showed a few exercises that can be done on a daily basis. 2 Set new goals like joining triathlons, learning a new sport, go outdoors and make it fun! Dyan has been training ever since she was a kid. So she learned to make things interesting by trying new things and switching her exercise routine regularly. 3 Good nutrition is very important. She talked about how we should have a “colorful” plate and that meant a balanced diet.

5. Earn you authority- don’t just inherit it.

Butch Jimenez tells the story of how, as a son of a business tycoon, he had difficulty proving his worth to his employees. Eventually, he had to find his own way in business and formed business ventures such as Trumpets and GMA films. He had to earn authority and not just inherit it from his father in order to achieve business success.

6. You will always attract what you are.

Francis Kong ended the event by talking about Emotional Discipline. He stressed that “We are not necessarily attracted to another person because of their strength, but we are usually attracted to another person because of our own weaknesses.” It was a welcome reminder that we have to choose well when it comes to our life partner. We have to constantly improve and develop ourselves in order to attract the best partner we could ever have. Someone who shares the same desire to be successful in their niche.

I walked away from that event with so many things to think about and reflect in my life.

Life after all is composed of habits and disciplines that in themselves seem trivial, but when perceived as a whole, determine if we make it as winner.

About the writer. Lois Yasay is a trainer by profession and a traveler by passion. She is slowly realizing her dream of making a living by doing what she loves. She blogs at  Passion in Action and is currently working as a Project Manager for Inspire Leadership Consultancy.

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