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Ten Winning Negotiation Strategies To Get What You Want

A businessman once said that life is a matter of negotiation, just as business is.

Indeed, in any given day of our life we are always negotiating-for example, we do something to get past, or we deal with something that constitutes an obstacle to what we want, or we discuss or bargain or plead or compromise, to come to agreement on something that we need.negotiations

In my work as a lawyer and management consultant, I always advise my clients who transact business to negotiate fairly and honestly, and to always adopt a win-win formula to be successful. Just recently, I come across a good book titled “Smart Moves” which deals with negotiation, authored by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman. I’ve found their advice on ten negotiating strategies worth sharing, as follows:

1 . Enter the negotiation with a “win-win” orientation. Communicate the attitude that you and the other party can both win from your agreement.

2 .Build personal trust and a positive climate. You’ll get more from someone who feels good about you.

3. Know what you want; ask for it; be ready to pay for it.

4. Focus on needs, not on positions. Be as concerned about the other person’s needs as you are about your own, and you’ll be more likely to have your needs met.

5. Look for opportunities to match “alternative currencies” with the other’s needs. For example, you might be able to dream up something other than a profitable price that might equally or even better meet the need to look good to the boss.

6. When you come at an impasse, bring in new information, set a mutually agreeable deadline, or make a final concession.

7. Never make a concession without getting something in return. As you concede something to the other person, you are at that instant in the most powerful negotiating position possible.

8. Allow the other arty to maintain his or her dignity. If you have done well in the negotiation, you can afford to be magnanimous.

9. Establish a clear agreement that leaves no room for reneging. Once negotiations end, you still have the contract to negotiate.

10. Monitor the agreement following acceptance. If your expectations aren’t being met, perhaps it needs to be revised, or the other party doesn’t really understand it.

As you can see, negotiation is something that we do everyday, every moment in our life, in our relationships, work, career, and in our business affairs. It is only by adopting a win-win formula,  negotiating fairly, honestly and decently can we win and get what we want, without impoverishing the other party.

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  1. Well some of this is very difficult to practice. For example, by the time one draws up a fool proof agreement (point 9), the business opportunity often looks less attractive.

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