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Three Reasons Why I Left Entrecard

After nine (9) months of being an Entrecard user, the last three months of which being in the Top 5 of the most popular blogs in all categories, I left the network on February 20, 2010.  For the last several days before I left Entrecard my blog was No. 2 of the most popular blogs in all categories.avoid entrecard

Why did I leave Enterecard?

There are three (3) important reasons and I’m publishing this to explain to thousands of bloggers who are still using Entrecard why they are wasting their valuable time dropping cards daily in exchange for a low value  traffic, and just to generate entrecredits (EC) to advertise on blogs for only 85% ad exposure.

So, why did I leave Entrecard? Here’s my three personal reasons which I know apply also to you.

1. Entrecard traffic has low value and is not targeted

At first impression, traffic from Entrecard is good, as you can immediately see the blogs visiting your site by their business cards.

However, if you look deeper, you will realize that it increases your bounce rate and the traffic stats is just inflated.

To illustrate: As a top blog, always on the Top 5 of the most popular blogs in all categories in Entrecard, I was receiving 350-400 drops (visitors) daily. Yet my Google Analytics could only track an average of 200 visitors from Entrecard!

So, where’s the other 150-200 visitors everyday who were also dropping on my site?

Two days before leaving Entrecard, my blog was No. 2 most popular blog in all categories

Two days before leaving Entrecard, my blog was No. 2 most popular blog in all categories

This is because users visiting your blog are on a “drop and run”, then “bounce” away to go to the next blog, spending just 5 seconds on your blog.

That is why traffic through Entrecard is not targeted, meaning, your visitors have no real interest in your blog or your content – they are only after the yellow widget.

In contrast, traffic from search engines is mostly targeted. The searchers visit your blog because they are interested in your content or find your post informative and useful to their needs.

2. Entrecard virtual credit economy is flawed and poorly managed; Dropping Cards Tiring and Sickening

Entrecard credit economy is poorly designed and its ad pricing system is badly managed, creating entrecredits (EC), the virtual currency in Entrecard, out of thin air.

Thus inflation, or the constant increase in the level of ad prices, is always a problem.

Because of inflation, and since the main purpose of the EC is to pay for advertising on the blogs, it makes the credits buy less ads, because its value is decreasing by the day.

As a result of inflation, some popular blogs have astronomical ad rates, equal to an average of 5  to 10 days of dropping 300 cards maximum daily just to advertise on these blogs for 24 hours.

If this is not an absurd or ridiculous economic situation, then what is?

For example, as of today February 27, 2010, here’s the ad prices of the top 5 most popular blogs in all categories:

The Ad Master —              3072 ec /day

Seek No More –                2,048 ec/day

Entrecard Solver –         3072 ec/day

Lainy’s Musings –            1536 ec/day

First Door on the Left–   1024 ec/day

As you can see, it takes a user 10.24 days of dropping the 300 maximum cards a day to generate 3072 ec just to advertise on The Ad Master and on Entrecard Solver, respectively, for a 24 hour ad exposure.

On the other hand, it takes 6.82 days of dropping the 300 maximum cards every day to earn enough ec to advertise on Seek No More; 5.12 days on Lainy’s Musings, and 3.41 days on First Door on the Left.

Since dropping 300 cards usually take 2-4 hours depending on internet connection speed, can you now imagine the time and effort you need just to earn those credits?

And for what? To be able to advertise on some blogs which give you only 85% of airtime because of the Sponsor Ads which run 15% of the time and which you could not totally reject.

Vanity of vanities! All is vanity. It is like chasing wind, as Ecclesiastes says.

3. Virus and Trojans

Many Entrecard user blogs have viruses and Trojans. That’s why everyday there are users leaving Entrecard because of this problem.

I have written about this issue in my previous post here.

While I was still with Entrecard, I was a victim twice. First, my PC was infected with a virus, then my laptop was attacked by trojans.

So, the rule in dropping cards is: “Drop At Your Own Risk.”


Is Entrecard worth spending your valuable time to drop cards to generate traffic and earn credits to advertise on some other blogs in the system?

I’ve found out too late that dropping cards is a waste of valuable time – time which you can use to write good quality content or update your content, or make money to advertise your blog on other good networks with targeted traffic.

In the final analysis, there is more to life than dropping cards daily, and there’s more to blogging than Entrecard’s drop and run traffic that does not add value to your blog.

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  1. So well said and I completely agree with you. I am so happy since I’ve canceled my account with them. I now have more time for not only visiting more of my favorite blogs and commenting on them but more free time away from the computer. I used to drop 300 ec’s on two different blogs dailly. I can’t tell you how physically and emotionally draining that was and for what? Now the only ad venue I use is Adgitze as both and advertiser and publisher and am extremely happy with them.

  2. I do still have my EC in my blogs but I’m not that active anymore with exactly the same reason as you posted. it’s just a waste of time. Now I know those who visiting my blog are there for the post not to drop the card and run. They are very few but i have no problem with it.

  3. In stead of dropping ec purposely, i will drop the ec while i click the adgitize ads. I am not an active member of Entrecard because i notice that it isn’t 1:1 traffic exchange. 300 drops a day does not mean you can get back 300 visits from entrecard member.
    In addition, entrecard unlike CMF and Adgitize which your investment could be regain if you put more effort. As you say so, ec is just a virtual currency in entrecard community, you just cannot buy a real thing with a virtual currency. You get what i mean?

  4. My traffic seems to have improved since joining EC. I don’t understand the more involved things you speak about search engine traffic. If people are finding you, how does that differ? I come up pretty easily doing a google search, or a search on yahoo…isn’t that search engine traffic?

    I leave tons and tons of comments while dropping, so believe while some may not look at your blog, many do.

    I totally agree with you that the cost of the more popular blogs is way out of hand. I bought one once and got very few clicks from it, so it was most definitely not worth it’s price. I also dislike many of the things EC has done, and the way they’ve managed things; but for the time being am playing through. I’ve gotten a vastly improved Alexa ranking, and currently am a google page rank 4, so feel like ec can’t be all bad.

    I’ve had some issues with the virus junk, and in fact just reported a site prior to visiting you.

    Hope to see you as the suitcase continues her travels.

    psssssssssssss, she’s got a contest going, join in on the fun

  5. I certainly agree with you about Entrecard. Now if I can just figure out how to get the SEO to give me some traffic. I really feel like leaving comments on blogs is the best way to get traffic back. Granted most people will not comment back but they don’t comment anyway through Entrecard. I like to read the blogs and get to know the people. My goal is to figure out how to get people interested in buying some of my affiliate items.

  6. Of course you know I am in agreement with you as I left a day before you. But a few things. You can also pick up the same viruses using Adgitized, as many of the same blogs are also with this service too. So you need to watch out where ever you go. I don’t miss the 300 drops a day and it frees up lots of time, but for new blogs it is a helpful service to get known and also meet some wonderful people. I would more then likely have found you Eli, but then again I might not have.

    The EC credit system is very flawed and needs to be addressed, the points you brought up about the top blogs and how much it cost to advertised was crazy and I like you said that even though we both enjoyed being on the more expensive side. But it was and isn’t fair for people who want to advertise on your blog. Also EC never maintained their blogs and many of the blogs just sit there vacant and no posts for months upon end. Why don’t they clean it up. Whoever runs EC really needs to invest time with their inventory and make it reputable again or they will be gone.

    I am still with CMF and just rejoined with Ken as I told him I would be back. These are both well run and make sense. I can advertise on your blog with them, but not so with EC, Lastly you need to put up a retweet button, I would have retweeted this and think you’re missing a lot by not doing so, just my 2 cents 🙂

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. I left Entrecard several months ago and my traffic actually went up and my bounce rate went down. I think it’s a complete waste of time and I think I’m better off. I just found you through CMF by the way.

  8. Very detailed explanation, Eli. As you know, I left several Entrecard several weeks ago, and have had a drop in traffic and my Alexa ranking, but I feel, as you do, that I was not getting targeted traffic, just a lot of hit-and-run dropping.

    Yes, I met some great bloggers such as yourself, and Mr. Glenn from MOB, and many more, which I do appreciate, but it was time to move on.

  9. Wow, this comes over as fairly bitter Eli, though I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way.

    I can’t see how leaving EC would improve your traffic unless you don’t get any from it in the first place! That said, if your blog is popular enough then not spending time dropping is a relief I’m sure.

    I click my Adgitize and dro EC along with it, so it doesn’t really add any extra time. If I don’t have time, then I don’t do it. As it is I’m in front of the PC lots anyway, so no biggie. Dropping 300 takes far too long, so the solution is not to!

    Finally, I think it’s a bit unfair ‘blaming’ EC for blogs with viruses on! Did those blogs also have Adgitize or CMF or Google? Whilst I don’t drop 300 a day, I’ve never had a problem with virused blogs, but then I have a decent firewall and anti-virus and, frankly, if you don’t have these then Entrecard is going to be the least of your worries!

  10. I really don’t understand why people who decide to leave EC feel like they need to then post about how awful it is. Are you going to do the same thing when adgitize and CMF don’t give you the traffic you want? EC should be such a small part of your overall advertising that it shouldn’t make that big of a difference whether you use it or not. I’m a little surprised that you would write such a negative post. it doesn’t really seem like your style.

  11. Im soon leaving Entrecard as well. It doesn’t worth my time dropping. For now im displaying their widget. Entrecard doesn’t help me make money online.

  12. I disagree. As I pour through traffic reports provided by various metering services I use, people who arrive at my blog thru search engines are just as likely to spend a few seconds and bounce as entrecarders. Having said that, since Cornyman published his ghost-dropping article, I’ve not only seen traffic increase but several entrecarders have actually stayed on my site (a few as long as 1 hour or more, bumping up the “average time spent” indicators) People place too much value on “traffic” and “hits” anyway – and that takes all the fun out of blogging! As for viruses, anyone who doesn’t have a good firewall and anti-virus program in place shouldn’t be surfing the net!

  13. There’s always two sides to a coin, and allow me to share my POV.

    What’s important for someone like me who can’t afford to pay for advertisement is to have the opportunity to reach out to other bloggers, and Entrecard gives me exactly that.

    If EC droppers “drop and run”, it might be because they didn’t find anything worthy of their time or something interesting enough to make them stay longer – thus, there comes this challenge to come up with better and more interesting post.

    Some ad prices are really sky-high, I agree with you regarding this, but that’s because Entrecard is a free market. It’s the supply and demand that sets the price.

    Having been in the top 5 before, you were one of those who knew how it was to see advertisers lining up just to advertise on your site. And it’s not because you coerced them to, right?

    This is the reason why every week, i make it a point to thank my weekly advertisers in my blog. They are my fellow bloggers who support me. And isn’t it nice to know that whether or not my site will deliver visits to their sites, they are still willing to still spend their precious ECs on me?

  14. Hi, finally I found some support to my decision or leaving entrecard …. three reasons also … first… have gotten so many pimples waking up late just to drop …. open 10 blogs at the same time leave for a while come back click the yellow bar and go …

    second …. I know of a site before in fact I felt guilty doing it so … ghost dropping imagine 300 websites in one page … all you have to do is just click straff and go.. without visiting thier sites … I felt guilty .. so that’s why i left ..

    third .. I got horses ,,… I mean the dam trojans that left me two days without blogging …

    thanks for sharing and for trusting in my blog for advertising via cmf.

  15. Very good points, Eli! And, as you said, there is a chasing after the wind with Entrecard.

    I can see new bloggers using this service in a bid to expose their blogs and pick up traffic even if their bounce rates are high. However, you have to run virus check frequently and never click on anything else on some blogs as doing so will cause you to receive a whole bunch of pop up messages until you track down and eliminate that source.

  16. Chinaren said: “Finally, I think it’s a bit unfair ‘blaming’ EC for blogs with viruses on! Did those blogs also have Adgitize or CMF or Google?”

    I can speak only for CMF – we review every new blog that applies to join CMF and we never approve blogs with popups or any kind of malware. (A full list of entry requirements can be found in the CMF help wiki.) In some cases, a blog we’ve rejected already has widgets for EC and Adgitize. I believe we are stricter in who we let in.

    Unfortunately, there are situations when a clean blog gets approved, and it picks up malware at a later date. Even with routine checks throughout the network, we can’t check every blog every day. That’s why it’s vital that members report malware issues to each respective network the site belongs to. A bit of a pain, but it really is worth it.

    From EC’s latest blog post, it looks like they are encouraging members to report any blogs with malware. I think this is a good idea.

  17. Im planning to register my fresh blogsite to EntreCard but after reading this I was a bit hesitant to pursue. What are your other options aside from this? YOu can visit my site by Clicking my name.

  18. It’s been a while since you posted this, Eli, but when I see your rankings from my Alexa toolbar it seems you are doing just fine after leaving Entrecard. I have found my rankings to have stayed fairly steady, too. I really appreciate you dropping by and leaving your comments on my blog. I think the quality of your posts is exceptional.

  19. I haven’t been using Entrecard for long but I have slowly come to the realisation that the traffic generated is mostly useless.

    Several hours of dropping each day for no return is far too expensive for advertising. My time could be better spent getting targetted traffic.

    One aspect I have enjoyed though is visiting blogs I would not normally have found or even looked for.

  20. Glad to see you left EC, welcome to the club!

    To those who find it offensive when people leaving Entrecard (myself included) write about their experiences, there is always a valid reason why people write about it.

    It should send a message to Entrecard on how they could improve and avoid more people from leaving.

  21. I understand what you are saying. I have been with Entrecard, almost from the beginning. Since I am not a soccer mom, nor am I retired, I never had the time after work, and taking care of home responsibilities to do 300 drops a day. So I never burned out too much.

    I did get frustrated a few time with “lifers” that took dropping so seriously, I would get a nasty gram about not returning drops. But I took care of that too. I don’t care what you think my blogging etiquette should be.

    As for viruses. I run AVG Free. If I click a site that has a virus. It catches it, and blocks it. I haven’t had a virus in about 6 years.

    I still like entrecard to find new blogs and have new blogs find me. Sometimes I can drop on weekends, sometimes not. Casual and relaxed.

    Have a great day.

  22. Thanks for this blog i was having thoughts whether I should take Entra or not

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