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What Are Some Of The Hottest Jobs Today?

guides     In the face of recession, many companies across the world became bankrupt, with more businesses  in the brink of bankruptcy, and still other enterprises closing shops.

     Result? Laid off and retrenchment here, there and everywhere.

     Yet, in the midst of it all, there are still jobs available, and many companies are still hiring.

     Below are some of the hottest job skills, the most marketable skills, which can land you the job you want.

     1. Public relations – if you can use speaking and writing abilities effectively with the public.

     2. Budget management – if you can handle money, make financial decisions, analyze numerical data.

     3. Supervisory – if you can supervise and coordinate with superiors above you and the subordinates under you, give instructions, listen, and demonstrate respect and receptivity to others.

     4. Time management – if you can cope with deadlines, handle stress and beat the clock.

     5. Speaking – if you can speak effectively with individuals and groups, listen carefully and portray ideas clearly.

     6. Writing – if you can write reports, memos, letters and essays in plain language.

     7. Teaching – if you can impart knowledge, develop skills in others and motivate them to perform.

     8. Interviewing – if you can acquire information and make good judgment, ask good questions, and evaluate responses.

     If you have any or some of these skills, you can still get hired, even if many companies are making lay-offs.

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  1. I work for a staffing firm, and there are plenty of national companies still hiring. If you can be flexible to accept a contract to hire, while the client is still on a hiring freeze, not only will they see you as flexible, but determined to work.

    The days of “any employer would be happy to have me” are long gone.

    We don’t want you to show us your letters of recognition from your past employers. Show flexibility, and your willingness to show your worth.

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