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Your Blog — Proven Tips On How To Choose The Right Name

JuneZach, a nice blogger behind the popular blog “The Fledgling Blogger” wrote me this morning, asking for my opinion as he is planning to change his blog’s name.

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I have published an article about choosing a blog’s name sometime ago, but JuneZach’s letter makes me set forth similar tips or guide on how to choose the right name for your blog.

Why must you choose the right name for your blog? What’s in a name?

The reasons are: Your blog is you, the extension of your persona, and if chosen properly, can become your valuable asset, your outgoing link to the blogosphere.

Market research shows that a name impacts on reader perception and plays a crucial role in the success of your blog, its image and brand. Simply put, the name of your blog can make or unmake it, and you also.

Coming up with a good name must not be a hard or difficult task. You can simply ask yourself the following questions, to give you the focus you need when making a list of possible names.

1. What is my vision for my blog?

2. What should I want it to be, what topics or subject will I promote and share to my readers?

3. Who are my target readers, my niche?

4. What words or keywords appeals to my market, my target readers?

5. What are the existing names of the blogs already in the blogosphere which are similar to my niche?

6. What would differentiate my blog in the market (blogosphere)?

In coming out with a blog’s name, think like a reader and see how your name can help you reach your target readers. To still further help you how to choose your blog’s name, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the name distinctive?  The name should set your blog apart and make it easy to recognize and remember.

2. Does the name have a pleasant meaning? The name should have a positive and relevant meaning to your blog, something which your readers can identify with.

3  Is it easy to remember? Your primary consideration in coming up with a name is for easy reader  recall. There is no use to have a high or complex sounding name if your readers find it hard to remember it.

4. Is the name appropriate to your niche? If your blog is about business, your name should evoke or connote something related to business, not related to celebrity or gossips.

It is therefore very important to choose a good blog name – one that would give you a solid identity and make your blog stand out in the midst of your readers and set it apart from the millions other blogs in the blogosphere.

Otherwise, it will suffer the same fate being encountered by many bloggers – their blogs have become extinct and /or undistinguishable from the mass of the blogs, resulting to decay due to lack of traffic.

And if your present blog performs poorly in traffic or in search engines, then repackage it by changing its name to another one, using the guides as discussed above — to make it a blog that you can be proud of, being an extension of your own persona.

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  1. Awesome tips! This will help hugely help June and other people out there who’s having such a hard time in deciding whether to keep their blog name or not. This post will help June come up with a decision- stay on course or repackage his blog.

    At the end of the day, the choice is only for June to make or any blogger himself for that matter.

  2. Hey Eli! Thank you so much for this! You have given me a good insight. You have been most helpful and supportive with your fellow bloggers. Truly your blog is full of useful and substantial information. Again, a big thanks to you buddy!

  3. Nicely said. Makes me think about the 3 blogs I have and their names. My personal blog, Sandy’s Space, isn’t particularly unique; but it’s been named that for a long time. Though I did actually change the name along the way. Once upon a time it was Crocheting and Caring Cause I Can. I thought that was clever…using all C words. Well, that made my url, but my blog evolved and was no longer just about crochet, so I changed the name; but wasn’t able to change the url. Thoughts?

    I pretty happy with my traveling suitcase blog, and in less than a year, I’m a pr 4 and that’s ok too.

    My 3rd blog, Bridge and Beyond…might or might not convey to people what it’s about? It’s about homeless living under a bridge, that we (other knitters and crocheters) help; and the beyond means people beyond the bridge who need help. So, it makes sense….but probably only if you’re in the know?


  4. This post is terrific. I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog and your ideas fit right in with my change. Lots of good stuff to think about. Thanks for the info.

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