5 Safety Tips for Using Your International Money Transfer App

To offer enhanced convenience to the customers, some of the top online remittance service providers now offer international money transfer mobile apps. Read this post for some expert tips on how to make such app-based transfers safe and secure.

An increasing number of NRIs across the world now prefer using online remittance services. To offer enhanced convenience to the customers, some of the top remittance providers have also launched their mobile apps.

Thanks to such money transfer apps, a few taps are all it takes to remit funds to India from countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore. But while these mobile apps offer on-the-go convenience, safety is of utmost importance when matters are related to money.

No matter if you are new to using a money transfer app or have been using one for some time, here are 5 tips that can boost the safety of your international app-based transfers-

  1. Use Secure Password/Biometric Identification

Like online money transfer platforms, users are required to enter their login ID and password to log in to the money transfer app. Ensure that you choose a secure password that cannot be guessed easily. Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols for enhanced safety.

Some of the remittance apps also allow you to add biometric identification like fingerprints for accessing the app. You can use this feature to add an extra layer of security.

  1. Turn On App Notifications and Alerts

If you are using a trusted remittance app, then you will receive notifications and alerts on your phone every time a transfer is processed or when changes are made to your money transfer account. Ensure that you keep these notifications on to be instantly alerted in case of any unauthorized login or transfer.

After installing the remittance app, you can check the “Notification” settings on your phone to confirm that app alerts are on.

  1. Use a Secure Mobile Connection

Activities like money transfers should only be done from a secure personal connection. You can use your mobile data or a private Wi-Fi connection for using the remittance app. Avoid using public connections like Wi-Fi at restaurants or bus stops for making the transfer.

Such public connections may be compromised, and someone might gain access to your confidential account details when you enter them for logging in to your remittance app.

  1. Update Mobile OS/Remittance App

Every time you see an OS update notification on your iOS or Android phone, you should install the same as soon as possible. Similarly, remittance providers also regularly launch updated versions of their money transfer apps that you should install at the earliest.

The updated OS and remittance app come with new features and security patches to improve user safety.

  1. Use Only Trusted Remittance Apps

Online fraudsters create fraudulent or fake money transfer apps for stealing your banking or personal information. Before downloading any bank-to-bank money transfer app, make sure that it is the official app of a trusted remittance provider.

To protect themselves from such fraudulent apps and fake remittance providers, most NRIs prefer using the remittance apps of reputed Indian banks.

Remittance Apps for Safe and Convenient International Money Transfers

While top remittance providers take adequate measures for securing your app-based transfers, as a user, you also have a critical role to play in making your transactions safe.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before using a remittance app to ensure that your hard-earned money reaches your family and friends in India in the safest possible manner.