A Simple Plan of Starting a Cleaning Business

It is important to know how to start a cleaning business from scratch. The main thing you want to focus on is the type of cleaning you want to do, get clients, and grow your business. There are a few main points that you need to keep in mind.

Choosing a cleaning market

Depending on your current situation, you may be looking for work after hours or during the day. If you’re looking for work during the day, your best bet is to focus on cleaning the house. You can start a part-time office cleaning business and work at night or early in the morning.

When starting a cleaning business, most people face the biggest challenge is getting clients. It sounds simple, but your goal is to get one client who will give you two or three hours of work. It corresponds to a home or one or two small offices. Either way, you only need essential cleaning equipment to get started. It brings us to the next point. Read more in this informative post.

How to advertise your new business effectively.

Determine the best places for your type of cleaning. For house cleaning this is usually done in more affluent areas. Your advertising costs must be kept to a minimum. For office cleaning, you need to find an area that has many professional offices. These include lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, etc. Don’t get too hung up on this. It is your target market.

Now that you’ve figured out where to advertise, it’s time to put together some direct mail that you can send specifically to these potential customers. You can use a letter or postcard. Be aware that it is difficult for people looking for a cleaner to keep their home or office clean and tidy. Make it the center of your communication with them and let them know that you can solve their problems.

How to expand your business

Take some of the income from your first job and reinvest it to send more letters or cards. If your first customer is happy with your cleaning service, you can ask if they are willing to give you a review. Get their permission to include this in your written material.


Another important aspect of expanding your business is to provide very high quality cleaning services. It will create word of mouth advertising that will cost you nothing. Your business will grow automatically if you stick to regular direct mail advertising and provide excellent service.