Advantages of telehandler hire for agriculture sites

The agricultural sector is full of heavy tasks and heavy machinery, but one of the best machines that you see hired from a plant lease company to be used on agricultural sites is the telehandler, and with good reason. It is a single machine that has a wide range of task performance potential and is an ideal item to be used on any farm or agricultural site. Whether you need something to be used within tight spaces on uneven terrain, or you want something to safely and securely lift heavy loads or to tow bales, telehandler hire could be the perfect choice for your needs.

What can a telehandler do?

Telehandlers on farms and other agricultural plots are used in a variety of ways. They are equipped and modified to help with raking and loading loose silage as one example, for lifting and moving a variety of materials, and are safe to work effectively around livestock or inside a barn where there is a real need for clear visuals at all times for the safety of the animals and humans on site. Traditional tasks that were previously only performed by tractors, can now be performed to a high standard by telehandlers, and you have a much longer reach for any task that is being performed, maximising the potential efficiency.

Advantages of telehandlers in agriculture

The advantages of using a telehandler on a farm include:

Improved efficiency

This is the biggest reason to hire a telehandler for use in agriculture. They can perform multiple tasks well, at a fast pace and safely, in a much simpler fashion than traditional equipment, methods, or manual labour. You can unload materials at a faster rate, transport materials around the site, and reach further than with other methods.

Faster completion of tasks

With any business the speed with which tasks are completed is always important, but this can take on even greater significance on a farm, where there are so many different things that need doing every single day. By significantly cutting down time on certain areas, you have more time to look after the livestock for example. A telehandler is an important part of this process.

Cost savings

This versatility and improvement in levels of efficiency means that you can cut costs overall on the farm due to the faster speeds and better standards that tasks are completed in. There also won’t be the need to purchase or hire multiple machines or pieces of equipment to perform different tasks that one telehandler can perform well.

Choosing the right type of telehandler hire for your farm will depend on the precise tasks that you require it for, and the size of the land you are working on. This is where it pays off to have a good relationship with your plant lease company, as they will be at hand to offer expert advice and guidance during this process. This way, you always have access to the latest tech, the safest features, and the higher standards of productivity and efficiency that is the bedrock of any successful farm. There are a lot of heavy duty tasks that need completing every single day on a farm, and with the assistance of telehandler hire, you can significantly improve the way in which you work, minimising downtime, raising safety standards, and increasing performance levels.