Choosing The Right Kind of Photography

Have you ever wondered how to select the right photographer to take your business photos? As a photography agency, we frequently conduct interviews with new photographers and we will give you our advice for choosing your future corporate photographer:

Choosing the right corporate photographer

Do not ask for quotes from 50 photographers

Indeed, each photographer will have a different way of answering you and this is more likely to confuse you in addition to wasting your time (as well as the 49 photographers you will not choose). It’s best to take the time to select photographers whose work you genuinely enjoy and discuss your project with them.

If you want to delegate this task to be sure to have THE corporate photographer that meets your expectations, go through a photography agency that will listen to you and provide you with a suitable professional photographer

Don’t be fooled by the war prices

Like any business you have a communication budget that is not unlimited and you want to have the best photographs at the best price. However when you rent a hotel room at 35 € you know that you will not have the same service as at 150 €? So you need to think about what is important to your business in order to prioritize and see what projects can be done with a good corporate photographer within your budget. Be aware, for example, that a photographer who charges less than 100 € per hour must arouse your suspicions and will not necessarily provide you with very good quality work. However, the image of your company must be totally mastered if you do not want to send the wrong message to your prospects.

Choose a specialized corporate photographer according to your needs

It may seem obvious but more and more photographer tends to diversify in order to obtain as many contracts as possible. However, each field of photography requires very specific skills and equipment. For example, if you find a photographer who does both wedding and corporate photography you might end up with a professional who doesn’t really know what a business wants.

Lately, you get a very good product photographer who wanted to get into real estate photography to get new contracts. Result, his photographs are sharp in the foreground and blurry in the background, which was certainly very nice but rather useless to sell the photographed house. That is why, for the best quality photography services, you should check

A good corporate photographer must be able to advise you

Because a company does not really know its needs in terms of professional photographs and communication, the photographer must be force of proposals and advise you on the type of photographs to take. For example, if you want to highlight the members of your team, a good professional photographer should be able to tell you whether it is better to take the photographs in situation so that your clients can see the field of activity of each person or on a background united to convey a more classic image. If you see that the photographer is not advising you correctly or that you do not feel listened to, it is certainly better to choose another professional.