Few Tips to Use for Local Listings Strategy

If you want to bring more customers into your website or local business, you need to develop a stronger presence on the internet. What will that mean for your local business listing management?

You can manage the local directory listings in several ways. A few of these ways can be much better than others. You will begin to see how you can list your business in many different places.

The following are a few tips that you can use for your local listing to increase your online presence.

1.    Focus on a few top online directories

You should not limit your listing only to a single local business directory but focus on quite a few top online directories where your business listing must be present so that it will receive more online exposure.

2.    Manage the listings yourself

When you have just started your business then you may like to control your expenditure and prefer to manage all the listings on various directories all by yourself. There are a few pros and cons of this choice:


  •         You can save money
  •         At least 5 directories can be easily managed
  •         You can easily handle any negative reviews immediately.


  •         It will be almost impossible to manage 100 directories all by yourself.
  •         You need to log in to every directory separately
  •         It may be difficult to maintain consistency and accuracy.

3.    Use external service to manage listings

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You can hire an external agency to manage all your listings. This will be a better approach however there are following few pros and cons for this approach:


  •         They may use special tools to manage all directory listings at a time.
  •         Your listings will remain always updated.
  •         More consistency
  •         You can get analytics to know how your business is performing
  •         Manage multiple locations easily.


  •         Monthly fees to be paid that increases the cost of business.
  •         If you ever do not pay then your listings may go haywire

4.    Be consistent

All your citations listed on these directories must be consistent so that it should not confuse either Google or any of your prospects who notice your company name. As mentioned above, by hiring an external service you can manage your listing better.

5.    Add appealing images

By adding a visual image you can attract more attention from the viewers. You can either upload a picture of your product or the company so that your viewers can easily identify your business.

6.    Encourage customer reviews

Choose only those directories that offer a space for customer reviews. This will offer you an opportunity to get feedback about your business. If you ever get negative feedback, then you can immediately address it.

7.    Keep all your information updated

In case there are any changes in your business location or product then the same may be immediately updated on the listing so that there may not remain any confusion on the mind of your consumers.

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