Get Daily Updates On The Nasdaq CIDM Stock

The very base of a stock market comprises of nothing but exchanges. There are two types of exchanges in stock, one being Nasdaq and the other NYSE(New York Stock Exchange). Theses stocks are, however, listed upon certain particular exchanges. This helps in bringing several buyers as well as sellers in the stock market who together shares all these stocks. The role of the above-mentioned exchanges is to track both the demand and the supply of the stocks. The nasdaq cidm at has the Nasdaq exchange market and belongs to the consumer service sector. We will further try to analyze the daily news or updates of stock exchanges that this sector results in regularly. 

About Nasdaq CIDM Company

The Nasdaq CIDM or Cinedigm Corporation belongs to the industry of video chains or Consumer electronics. This entertainment company is based in America and has its headquarter in California. The businesses of Cinedigm is confined to distribution, software, digital cinema, and content marketing. This company was founded and established for the first time in 2000. However, then it has a different company name.

The name Cinedigm was only given after 2013 after the retirement of Bud Mayo. This company is known for aggregating as well as distributing television movies, independent movies, and even other short content. These videos are then released to various entertainment platforms like mobile, digital, physical, and home. This company is also known for offering assets of digital cinema that services on domestic movie screens as well as foreign movie screens. In a way, there are four segments through which this company operates after which it collaborates with brands, producers, as well as many other owners of the market. 

Key Data of Nasdaq CIDM

As observed on 2nd July 2020, the nasdaq cidm had a hike of almost 16.11% in the stock rate market. Where the previous close was 1.80000, this time it is almost 2.0900. The day’s range has resulted in 1.7600-2.2500. On the other hand, the range of the 52nd week varied between 0.2500- 6.0000. The volume and the acreage volume of the stock exchange of this company were around 10,313,001 and 8,667,980 respectively. 


The market cap the stock exchangeshave been around 215. 387M and the 5-year monthly Beta is around 1.85. The earning date recently has been dated 5th July 2020 after which it will release and declare the financial results. Overall, we can understand that the overall stock of the company has taken quite a jump. You can get real-time quotes that are quite accurate from different websites. If you are not just looking at market news, if you are willing to trade stocks, open an account successfully, and then deposit funds, you can get some free stock. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.