Hiring a Customs Clearance Company? Here’s What You Should Know

Import – as tempting as the word is, the process of getting the imported goods cleared at customs in Canada is an equally painstaking task. There are many parcels (irrespective of the mode of transportation) that get held at customs. Delays affect a business badly in the following ways.

  • You end up losing customers’ trust due to delay in delivery.
  • There’s always a chance of losing valuable contracts for online selling if the products do not reach the target warehouse in time.

Precisely, you end up hurting your contacts that, in turn, costs you a lot of money. If it’s been affecting your business as well, hiring customs brokers is the best you can do.

To begin with, customs brokers are responsible for getting your imported good cleared without any hassles. However, not all brokers are trustworthy. Which is why you need to hire customs clearance firms like Clearit Canada. Remember, a Clearit customs broker is licensed, learned, and experienced.

That said, you might be a Non Resident Importer who’s interested in expanding your business into Canada. However, establishing a business without being in the country is a tough task. But, Clearit runs the NRI program that gives non resident importers equal opportunities at business as resident importers get. In fact, there are other facilities too.

  • NRIs get to control their supply chain. It saves a lot of money.
  • They can sell their goods after adding the import taxes they had to pay. So, they actually end up earning a lot more than they spend into getting the goods cleared at customs.
  • Canadian market is quite accepting. As long as your clients (suppliers as well as customers) won’t have to deal with the import hassles, they’ll be more than willing to do business with you.

So, hiring customs brokers – whether you’re a resident or not – is the best way to get the goods cleared at customs. Some of the benefits of hiring elite firms like Clearit are listed below.

  1. They have an Easy Registration Process

The one thing that people want is an easy registering procedure. And it’s pretty simple at clearit. All that you have to do is make an account with them and upload the necessary documents like:

  • Purchase bill
  • Content in the cargo
  • Value of the cargo in CAD
  1. You’ll Be Assigned an Agent

After the initial upload, they assign a personal agent. The agent reviews all the uploads, informs if there’s anything more that has to be uploaded, and prepares the final documentation and uses the EDI link to submit it to the customs.

  1. They Offer Multiple Services

Clearit, with an industry experience of 35 years, offers a good many services. The best ones that make them unbeatable are listed below.

  • ITN/AES generation at $125 CAD.
  • Assigning an on-site agent to check the goods at the time of export.
  • Accepting credit details to pay the import duties for quick clearance at customs.
  • Proper communication with the clients.

All these services, as a package, are offered at $389.99 CAD only.