How Are Face Shields Better Than Masks In This Pandemic Situation?

The year 2020 has so far been full of surprises for us. By now, we know one thing for sure; from here on everyone will have to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. The idea of wearing face masks itself is scary for people with breathing problems, at the same time, masks also cause irritation on the skin, makes your glasses foggy, etc. It also causes difficulties for people with hearing disabilities as many of them communicate by reading lips. So one of the close replacements for face masks can be 3D face shields. 

Here’s how face shields make better alternatives to masks:

  • Helps people with breathing issues- Since masks have become essential in our day-to-day routines, there is no way of escaping them. But as mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for many people since breathing in masks is quite an issue. Hence, face shields are one of the best solutions for such people. Shields protect you by providing a blockage but does not cover your mouth and nose completely. This helps in better breathing and also keeps you safe.
  • Helpful for people with hearing disabilities- One of the major beneficial properties of face shields is providing protection with visibility. It provides great help to people who rely on lip-reading. Also, most of the sign languages require facial expression while communicating, hence, face shields also prove beneficial for people with speaking disabilities and others to communicate with them.
  • Reminder to maintain social distance- Many of us are still not used to living the ‘new normal life’ and constantly need to be reminded of the importance of social distancing. Face shields can be one of the constant reminders to maintain distance when you step outside. Even when talking to someone, the shields help us maintain a safe distance and avoid any physical contact. 
  • Extra layer of protection- While many people debate between using a face mask and a face shield, some prefer using both. Doctors are provided with such protection along with their PPE kit, some common people also find it safe and effective to use both. However, face masks only cover your mouth and nose, but by using face shields, you also cover your eyes. It also helps us remind that not to touch our faces.

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