How to Apply for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR): Everything You Need to Know

You want to relocate to Asia’s most loveable city, Singapore, and apply for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). Singapore is an excellent place to call home for a variety of reasons. When it comes to expats, Singapore is the finest city to live and work in, according to the Explorer Survey. As the “Switzerland of Asia,” it has a robust economy, a stable political climate, low crime rates, and a reputation as a top corporate destination. The advantages of Singapore Permanent Residency may be of interest to you as well.

So, how do you go about getting a Singapore permanent residency? There may be some paperwork to fill out or evidence of identity to submit. As it turns out, it’s not quite as simple as that. In order to apply for Singaporean residency, here’s what you need to do in order to ensure that your application is successful. Renew your Singapore PR status by checking out our comprehensive guide on how to do so quickly and easily. For singapore pr application it is important.


Family members of Singapore citizens or PR may work and live permanently in Singapore with the Singapore Perpetual Residence (PR), which is a permanent visa. Other benefits include being able to live permanently in Singapore and moving freely across the country, as well as receiving healthcare and education subsidies, participating in a pension plan, and being eligible to buy heavily subsidized homes that the government owns.

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Who Can Become a Singapore Permanent Resident?

There are several methods to become a Singaporean citizen. See here for all of the ways you may become a Singaporean citizen.

The PTS Scheme (Professional Technical or Skilled Professional)

When it comes to expats who are presently working in Singapore, this is standard procedure. Learn more about this plan by continuing to read.

Singapore’s Investors’ PR Scheme

Another route to apply for permanent residency in Singapore is via the Global Investor Program (GIP), a kind of investment visa. If a firm is established with a minimum of $2.5 million, or if the equivalent amount of money is invested in Singapore, a person may apply for permanent residency for themselves and their family members. At now, there are two choices for investors to select from:

  • Investment in a new or starting firm or growth of an existing organization that already has a $2.5 million investment is the first option.
  • A GIP-approved fund of $2.5 million.

There are other requirements in addition to the minimum investment amount, including an entrepreneurial history, an investment strategy, and a successful company track record.

Application for Spouse’s PR under the Family Sponsor Scheme

Permanent residents who are married and have children are urged to file PR for their spouse and children. For this reason, it is vital to examine the National Service obligation before filing for PR on behalf of your son(s). If you are already a Singaporean citizen, you may also apply for your elderly parent to become a Singaporean citizen.

This Programme Is Aimed At Promoting The Talents Of Foreign Artists.

Since the country’s art scene has exploded in the last few years, it’s no surprise that Singapore is now welcoming artists from across the world who want to settle permanently in the city-state. The Foreign Artistic Skill programme is open to anyone who has a talent in music, dance, photography, theatre, cinema, or literature.