How To Be The Best Manager

You might be wondering what exactly makes a good, successful manager? The truth is, there is no one set answer. A successful manager can usually wear a few different hats and always gives it their all. Your drive and passion will give you the skills needed to inspire others, but becoming a manager also means added responsibility. Organization and discipline will go a long way in addition to your natural charisma, all of which will help you become a better manager.


In order to manage a group of people, no matter large or small, you will need to be a good leader. Even the largest corporations have a leader, or small group of leaders, to organize and maintain the business and its employees. Much like how Patrick James of Trico Group handles a lot of responsibility in his position as Chief Executive Officer, being in any role of leadership or management requires discipline and accountability. Good leadership goes hand in hand with communication skills, confidence, open-mindedness and the ability to inspire others. As a leader, you will have to work with many other kinds of people, some that you might not get along with. Leading a group successfully means putting differences aside and being able to work together as one team.


Organization skills will become just as important as your communication skills in a management position. Staying organized allows you to create a smoother function and better workplace for your employees. When in a position of management, you will most likely be responsible for several tasks, scheduling and correspondence. With so much on your plate, it can be easy to lose track or fall behind. Avoid important responsibilities slipping through the cracks by organizing your tasks, writing things down and keeping a list of priorities on hand. Writing things down will not only improve your memory, but it will also help manage the stress that comes with such responsibility. Your employees will look up to you and appreciate your attention to detail when they see how organized and composed you can be.


As mentioned before, a good manager will also be able to lead and inspire. Employees are more likely to listen to you and excel at their jobs when they are able to look up to you. This drive comes from inspiration. Inspire others by setting a good example. Set goals not just for yourself, but for your employees too. Ensure your goals are realistic so you are not applying unnecessary pressure or intimidation. With tangible goals and rewards, your employees will be inspired to put their best work in. Setting goals and motivating your employees could also spark healthy competition. By creating a healthy and productive work environment, you will continue motivating your employees to do their best.

Becoming a manager can be a nerve-wracking transition. Being a good manager is very dependent upon what you bring to the table and your characteristics, in addition to your ability to carry out tasks and manage responsibility. Practice these simple tips to become the best manager you can be.