How to Create an Effective Mission Statement

Each organization provides a specific service to their customers. Employees work to achieve company priorities and collaborate to develop ideas that will increase sales and gain sponsorship. A mission statement helps reach out to people who may wonder how your company can help them. What is your company’s vision? What issues trouble your customers? These are crucial questions you should ask yourself before creating a mission statement.

Identify the Problem

Mission statements are based on the company’s purpose, which identifies their role in society. People constantly find ways to improve their lives. They will either want to purchase a useful product or solve a challenging issue. Identify the services your company will provide and visualize how they will make life easier for the customer. A healthcare company that fights chronic kidney disease would identify the condition as the company’s problem. To solve the problem, the company would purchase dialysis machines to help patients and provide them with medication that treat high blood pressure.

Seek Consulting Services

Some companies require assistance to identify their mission. It’s easy for employees to fixate over day-to-day operations and forget the big picture. The top innovation consulting firms Georgia can help create a statement that directly communicates to the target audience. Career coaches who studied human behavior can provide psychological insight and help you empathize with your customers more deeply. You could use a quote from one of your consulting sessions and turn your interpretation of it into a mission statement. Insight will provide direction to your company. As a manger, that will help you make concrete, realistic solutions needed for your business to succeed.

Inspire Customer Action

A good mission statement inspires people to take action. Your statement must provide customers with a reason to rely on your services and should not include industry-specific jargon. Although your employees may understand the specific terminology, your customers won’t know how your company intends to help them. You statement should be positive and competent, empowering the customer to take action guaranteed to work. It also helps to create a professional company culture that encourages creativity, curiosity and other values that will set your company apart from competitors.

Your mission statement provides your organization a sense of direction, based on a concrete set of principles. Once your company identifies a specific problem, your employees will brainstorm for ideas they can turn into profitable products. You could seek consulting advice if you’re struggling to come up with good ideas. Ultimately, you want to inspire customers to take action and provide them useful, effective services.