Know the Difference Between PRM and CRM


With the ever-growing demand for online marketing nowadays, especially in the healthcare industry, there has been increasing pressure on marketers. They have been handling pressure to get more and more patients to the online portals that they are operating. Driving revenue and growing the market share of the healthcare platform stands as the crucial goals for a marketer. It is very clear that for a marketing tactic to be successful, you need to use advanced methods and tools. The most important of them are PRM and CRM. These two are quite different from one another but play a major role in online marketing.

Have you been thinking about the difference between healthcare CRM and PRM? If yes, then you are certainly on the right platform. We will guide you through the differences between these two activities further in this article.

PRM vs. CRM: Which one is better?

  • Healthcare marketing CRM solution

The expanded form of CRM is Customer Relationship Management, and it is a critical part of the marketing strategy. The main role of a CRM is to track the engagement, leads, and patient conversion rates in your marketing campaign. Via it, you would also be able to analyze the number of current patients on board.

Let’s now learn about the 5 benefits a CRM in the healthcare industry can provide:

  1. You can easily invite the leads for appointments with the intention of making them fruitful leads.
  2. You could easily increase the service line growth with the assistance of marketing automation.
  3. Reach out to your patients with the preferable information via the communication way they want.
  4. CRM helps you track notable medical records and store the personal data of patients.
  5. Via CRM, the user would be able to compile the business reports and patient feedback.

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  • Healthcare marketing PRM solution

PRM stands for Physician Relationship Management. It’s curated to build up the relationship within your whole system. Via the same, it would become easier for you to build good relationships with your customers in no time.

Here are the best benefits of PRM that you should know:

  1. Via PRM, you would be able to easily measure your whole campaign’s impact.
  2. You would understand the market points where the physicians have the utmost workload.
  3. You shall be easily analyzing the patient referrals via PRM.
  4. PRM would make you flexible in terms of supporting the network growth prospects of the physician.
  5.  You shall also learn about the areas having the potential for leakage.