Lawn Care Business Pricing Tips – Ideas For Estimating Lawn Mowing Jobs

Providing lawn care services is a way to earn some extra bucks on the side. Many young people take advantage of this ready to raise a decent amount for their needs or hobbies around the year. While the pay is decent, it is understandably not the same as the approved national minimum wage.

Launching a lawn care service is a step higher than doing the occasional jobs, however. Making a business of it goes beyond offering a great mowing service to include providing clients with accurate and consistent pricing for the services rendered. You and the clients will benefit from this; you get to keep some profits, and your clients get to know the value they pay for when they hire you.

To give the best lawn care services pricing, consider the following:

  1. Create a reference document: When your clients are presented with an official reference document, they are most likely to begin negotiations from a fee around the referenced amounts. This step eliminates the vagueness that comes with providing pricing orally.
  2. Inspect the lawn thoroughly: Never provide a final estimate without seeing the lawn by yourself. Inspecting the property in person helps you to identify the potential challenges and factor them in the final pricing. Try to find out the areas that may prove more difficult than the others, and if you would need some special equipment to work on those areas.
  3. Consider variable costs: Would the client provide the mower to be used? If not, and you would be using yours, would you be using a gas-powered mower? You would have to factor in the cost of the gas needed to finish the job. Would you be spreading the caution fee if your mower gets damaged?
  4. Consider miscellaneous costs: Some clients may ask for an extra service after you have submitted your pricing and started the job. Many of them do this in the hopes that the lawn care services company they hired would perform the extra task at no extra cost.
  5. Include your profits: Your profit margin might be slim but include it in the pricing. Remember, you are out to make profits in your business.
  6. Offer discounts when you can: Offering a price cut is a great marketing strategy. You can give a discount of a few dollars when you can, or during the holiday season. Clients always remember!