Make All Your Web Pages Accessible to Users with Disabilities with an AI-Powered Accessibility Overlay

Many users online with disabilities search for products, services, and information on the internet. Smart businesses rely on accessibility overlays that work round-the-clock to make their websites fully accessible to such users so that they enjoy the benefits of a comfortable surfing experience on their sites. The biggest advantage of using an overlay over traditional methods of hiring web developers is that it is pocket-friendly even for small business owners, who often struggle with the subject of web accessibility for their sites.

What does an accessibility overlay do?

A good quality accessibility overlay is automated in nature, and it is an application that rests between assistive technologies and digital content (your website). The overlay is not a separate site, but it is a complete toolset in the website, and it customizes the interface of the site.

This unique technology helps you make your business site more accessible to users with disabilities. The tool makes the site fully accessible without making any changes to the source code. It will not interfere with the underlying source code of the site. It uses a line of JavaScript to make improvements to your site. These technologies function by identifying the key issues in accessibility and making changes in the web page’s code.

Enhance the web experience for users

Accessibility overlays are generally in the form of an app, widget, plugin, and toolbar. These overlays have panels with different customization settings, like increasing the font size of the text. Users on the site are able to activate other features for making the adjustments that help them enhance their web browsing experience with success.

Use lesser resources for getting instant accessibility for your site

When you use overlays, you reduce the process of implementing guidelines pertaining to accessibility on the site. Here, you need to use the snippet of the JavaScript and just wait for some days, depending on the solution used to ensure your site is fully accessible.

Get benefits for your business quicker

Overlays have been made for making your business site more accessible. This means you are able to reap a lot of business benefits in a shorter span of time. This gives you a competitive edge in the market over websites that do not pay attention to web accessibility. For example, if you are the owner of an eCommerce store, you can make it available to 61 million people with a disability in the USA alone. This means you are able to enjoy more sales opportunities and get more potential customers in just some days of installing the accessibility overlay.

With accessibility overlays with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, you can scan your site every 24 hours, which helps you stay fully compliant round-the-clock. These overlays are affordable for every business, and this is why they are popular in the market today. Before choosing your overlay, determine the individual needs of your business, and choose one that caters to your unique needs and budget accordingly for the best results!