One Swipe Notes – best floating notes for Android

The innovative master of notes. The 4.4 star rated app works on a very efficient level. It is not the type of time consuming and app crashing disappointment. It has made many users smile and it is called the One Swipe Notes-Floating Notes-Gesture Notes. The systematic features used in this app is very impressive. You won’t swipe across any other app that has made noting down notes this organized and easy. Yogesh Dama being the developer has most definitely taken a smart move by introducing such a productive application. 

Reminders to retrievable notes, I mean what’s not to like about One swipe note! There is no absolute need for any app to be running on your screen while your noting down your notes. The floating notes that are on top of your app helps whenever you need to get down with your noting business. Plus, floating notes saves up your written notes and allows to quickly access them by a gesture shortcut. The minimum OS version needed in here is 4.1 and up.

You can install this app on any Android phone using your favorite app store like AC Market, Play Store and etc. This app is not available for Android TV boxes. If you want you can download apk version and install on any Android TV box using Filelinked.

Best Android floating notes app

One Swipe Notes is available to anyone and everyone of any age. So, anybody who is interested to go ahead and do some noting as simple as a “To Do List” can simply download it and get started. 

The download count of this impeccable app stands at 5K from all over the world. Revenue of the publishing company is at dollars 5k. “No Pain No Gain”, all that effort, time and hard work spent in forming a well inventive and helpful application has paid off for the developers, However, they are frequently working on including more developments and wow factor features into the app. The more advances it will make, app options too will be endless.

Remembering times when we had to note down everything manually? It was so time consuming and even our speed of working was slower. One Swipe Notes has given us an instant assistance in helping us to be able to perform our best in our digital writing in a short time. No need to stock up on pencils or pens to keep you going at your writing, all you will need is a swipe from your fingertips into One Swipe Notes apk to experience a whole new world of learning and taking notes.

Being a valuable app requires users to purchase it for its usage, features and benefits. This only cost less than a dollar! Anything that is very essential will never come for free. This will also have a good impact on users by letting them utilize the maximum benefit since they have paid for it already. I almost forgot to mention how this app allows us to organize notes and also customize them. The ability to edit is also a plus point about One Swipe Notes-Floating Notes-gesture Notes. It certainly is the master of notes!

If floating feature is lagging and stuck, you may need to clean your device for junks and unwanted apps and processors to bring performance back. For that you can use any junk removing application like Clean Master, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner and etc.