Plexiglass Shields: Should Your Business Invest in Them?

To control the spread of the novel coronavirus, governments around the world have established new rules for workspaces to prevent infections. Workspaces shared by employees should be modified to ensure people can keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from each other. Businesses can achieve this by have access restrictions or markings. But, if they cannot ensure minimum distance, installing Displetech plexiglass shields might be the right solution. 

A breath or sneezer guard is mandatory in the sale of food in self-service to prevent contamination. In workplaces with direct contact with customers including reception desks, supermarkets, and workshops, sneeze guards and protection screens are essential to meet statutory requirements. 

Reasons Businesses are Installing Plexiglass Shields

As individuals and businesses continue to learn more about COVID-19 and the way it spreads, the CDC, together with local, state, and federal governments have issued warnings and best practices to help see everyone through the global pandemic. According to the CDC, the virus can spread between people in close contact with one another and through respiratory droplets produced when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. Such droplets can land in people’s mouth or nose or be inhaled into the lungs. With such warnings in mind and with social distancing guidelines in place, retail markets must offer extra barriers between workers and customers to help slow the spread of the virus. They achieve this by installing plexiglass shields and sneeze guard protections.

How Sneeze Guards Work?

Before the spread of COVID-19, sneeze guards have been generally used to protect food bars from contaminations due to customers sneezing or coughing in the direction of the food. These days, companies are installing vertical plexiglass or acrylic barriers at cash registers, customer service counters, and pharmacies between their customers and employees. Plexiglass protective screens are custom-fit solutions for a lot of areas of daily life. They are transparent and available in different colors. They are portable, easy to set up, and easy to clean. A desktop shield guarantees proper protection of parties of either side of the desk while still maintaining a personal and professional atmosphere. 

As the novel coronavirus continues to impact people’s daily lives, countertop and desktop sneeze guards are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the significance of these solutions may continue even after the virus is gone. After all, they are always helpful in preventing the spread of illnesses. For any business, this makes them well worth their money.