Simplify everyday business tasks with Xero

Xero accounting is one of the most precious gifts of science and technology to aid regular business services with utmost expertise and convenience. Timcole is one of the corporate service providers using this updated and most effective tool for its business clients.

For example, you can now calculate the foreign worker quota by simply using a calculator and checking the number of works permits and S-Pass holders in the company. In this calculator, you are required to select the sector of your business to get proceed with. A few different sectors in that options list are construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing, process, and services.

Let’s see, what all we can do with Xero accounting software-

  1. Pay bills 

With Xero, you can track and pay your bills on time. It allows you to get a clear overview of payable accounts and the cash flow.

  1. Keep on top of bills- 

You can stay in control of cash flow, avoid late fees, see all bills that are due, and also build good supplier relationships.

– have an overview of unpaid bills, purchase orders, and expenses

– Check bills in drafts, wait for approval, or prepare to be paid.

– Automatically get the bills into Xero as a draft by making use of InvoiceNow e-Invoicing.

  1. Schedule the payments 

Protect time on admin by planning the upcoming patents and batch paying suppliers.

– You can pay the supplier with different bills at the same time and simple transactions.

-To make your payments all ready to go, you can plan them before the time.

  1. Store bills in one single place 

For paperless record keeping, you can email bills and other papers to your inbox in Xero.

– You can oversee and file bills in the folders

– Open and see bills on the screen as you are infiltrating the data

– Access your statutes at any moment, from anywhere

  1. Submit and manage your expenditures

You can find ease in capturing costs, submitting, approving, and reimbursing the expense claims. You can also view the expending using the expense tracker.

  1. Take a picture of your receipts

– The OCR technology scans key information and fills your claims automatically.

– You can submit an expense claim in one single click, with the attached receipts.

  1. Reimburse your expenses promptly.

Reduce the time in which your employees get paid, so that they don’t go out of pocket any time.

– Get notified when an expense claim is submitted

– Pay all the assertions in the same way, you pay the bills.

– Promptly survey and authorize the expenditures

  1. Monitor employee spending 

Manage your all expenses and design informed and fast decisions with strong analytics

– Spot the insights and trends so that you can plan accordingly

– make use of the expense tracker to review my status, employees, projects, and accounts.

  1. Do your expenses on the go 

Speed up the procedure for employees and business holders from claim to reimbursement with the Expenses app.

– You can keep track and submit mileage using the map in the mobile app

– Use a photo rather than using paper receipts.

– Do the submission and approval of claims from your phone for a fast turnaround.