Tax Options for Your Now

Inform all of them in the declaration and keep the receipts to compare which is the most advantageous in your case. They can be deducted from your tax base, for example:

Dependents: Parents, children, stepchildren and partners are some examples that can be added as dependents, guaranteeing a deduction of R $ 2,275.08 per dependent. 

Alimony: The amount of pension paid is deductible when it is established in a judicial decision or an extrajudicial agreement. 

Education: Expenses for early childhood education, elementary, secondary and higher education of the taxpayer himself and his dependents can also be deducted from the tax base, with a limit of R $ 3,561.50 per person. Remember that school supplies and language and preparatory courses cannot be included in the account. For the this is important.

Health: All amounts paid for consultations, health plans, hospitalizations, psychologists, dentists, among others, can be fully deducted from income tax, whether they are the declarant or their dependents.

Social or Private Welfare: It is possible to deduct the entire amount paid to the INSS on a payroll or independently, including dependents. PGBL-type private pensions can be deducted with a limit of 12% of the declared annual taxable gross income.

How to declare properties in the Income Tax? 

The properties in the name of the taxpayer and the dependents are informed in the “Property and Rights” form. 

It is important to have in hand the property’s IPTU and the acquisition data such as date, value and conditions of purchase to fill in all the fields requested.

If the property is financed, the declared amount should only be the amount actually paid by the taxpayer until 12.31.2019, until the property is paid off.

Declare property tax

How to declare income tax investments? 

Investments have different modalities and it is important to understand how to declare each of them, since fixed income securities, investment funds, stocks, savings accounts, and even cryptocurrencies must be broken down in the declaration’s own fields.

The investments will be informed in the “assets and rights” form of the declaration, with their specific codes.

Income may or may not be taxed by income tax and will then be filled out on their respective forms. For example, access the form “Goods and Rights”, select the code “45 – Fixed income investment” and click on “new”. Inform the balance of investments between 12/31/2019 and 12/31/2020 and complete the page with the CNPJ of the financial institution where the investment was made. The values ​​of the income from the investment must appear in the form “Income Subject to Exclusive / Definitive Taxation”, in the code “06 – Income from financial investments”. Inform the title beneficiary, CNPJ of and name of the institution and the amount of income in the period.