The importance of filing biennial statement – Explained

The biennial statement is an official document that business owners must file once or twice depending upon the need every other year. Only non-profit organizations and companies running under limited partnerships get an option to skip filing the biennial statements, while the others said to run as corporations, LLCs, LLPs must report such files with the respective State Department. To rightly establish LLC in NY without facing any kind of errors and other related consequences, get in touch with a reputed corporate services provider in the first place.

What are the things the biennial statement represents?

The biennial statement holds onto valid information related to the,

  • LLC organizer address mentioned as the service of process address after attaining respective consent from the corporate services provider
  • The LLC name
  • The Department of State Number.

The date on which the Articles of Organization has been filed will be considered as the same date to submit the initial biennial statement. As a business owner, you get an option to mail such information during the first week of the given month. You may even receive random reminders alerting the need to submit the respective statement from the state. LLCs that have been incorporated using online resources shall further receive updates through emails, while the LLCs that have been formed using mail shall be receiving the respective reminder statement through the mail.

Valid reasons to attain professional help while setting up an LLC in NY:

Filling and submitting the biennial statement without attaining any kind of professional help from the corporate services provider shall become a difficult task. They shall rightly guide you through the entire process and make sure no problems come your way.

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