Tips On Reporting Unsafe Workplaces

Gone are the days when workers’ issues weren’t attended. The workplaces weren’t as safe as they should be. Consequently, accidents were common. Despite major accidents, no serious attempts were made. However, things have changed substantially in the past century. Thanks to education and growing awareness about workers’ problems, many laws exist today to protect workers’ interests. In addition to fair wages, workers enjoy many benefits, including a safe place to work. Still, some employers don’t pay much attention to the safety of workers. If you work in such an enterprise, here’s how to go about reporting unsafe workplaces.

How to report about your unsafe workplace?

Some workers never complain about issues in their workplace. They feel that voicing their concerns might affect their future prospects. Some employees even have fears of losing their jobs. However, this kind of behavior affects the health of workers in the long run. As a worker, it’s your duty to raise questions about your safety at the workplace. Be informed that no employer can remove you from the job for genuine complaints. Here’s how to proceed with reporting unsafe workplaces.

Do some homework

Before you file a complaint, do some preliminary legwork. Remember, you’re going against your organization. So, be specific and to the point in your complaint. Never file a baseless report. If you do that, it’ll work against your job prospects. However, genuine reporting won’t hurt.

Write down what issues you face at your workplace. Is the place unclean and untidy all the time? Are there problems such as mold growth? Are the existing safety measures ineffective? Figure out the problems and write them on a piece of paper. Double-check the written report and find out mistakes or missing info.

Talk to your supervisor

Once you finish your legwork, it’s time to raise your concerns. To do that, call your supervisor. Be sure you don’t catch him when he’s busy or in a bad mood. Contact him when he’s free and pinpoint the flaws in safety. In most cases, the supervisor may agree with you and seek a written complaint. Hand over the written report to the supervisor. Based on your report, the supervisor should take suitable steps to resolve your safety concern.

Seek other options

When you submit your report, the problem should get resolved. What if you find it difficult to approach the supervisor or the superior fails to resolve the issue? Should you stop reporting unsafe workplaces? No way! Rather, you should seek other ways to have your grievances addressed. Talk to someone in the health and safety committee of your company about the issue.

Contact the government

If no one hears your concerns, send your report to the local health authorities. In addition to the report, submit your work details. That will help the authorities to take suitable steps to resolve the issue.

Concluding words

Reporting unsafe workplaces and speaking about safety avert injuries and save lives. However, you should be ready when filing a report. Follow the above advice when filing a complaint. Within no time, your issues will be addressed and you’ll have a safer workplace.