What should you discuss with a personal injury attorney? Find out here!

Full length of a young female bicyclist fallen down on street with serious injuries after traffic accident with the 4x4 car of a young man

An ill-fated car accident, or workplace injury, can throw your life off the track. If your injuries are serious, this could mean spending months in recovery, spending high on medical treatments and therapy bills, and losing out on work. All this may eventually lead to emotional and financial distress, which can be hard to manage. If you want file a personal injury lawsuit in NY, you have to do that within 3 years from the date of accident. There are, however, many things to consider, including fault and liability. Talking to an experienced Rochester personal injury attorney can be incredibly useful in this regard. In this post, we are discussing the basic things worth discussing with an attorney. 

  • What is your assessment of my case?

This is probably the most valid question. Do you have a personal injury claim in the first place? What is your claim worth? What damages can you expect to recover? What if you were partly at fault for a car accident? These are some questions that personal injury attorneys can discuss and answer when they evaluate your case. If your injuries are not that severe, your attorney may advise on accepting whatever the insurance company has to offer. However, when fault is disputed and there are other complications, your lawyer may file a lawsuit. 

  • What is your experience with similar cases?

Make sure that you hire a personal injury attorney with extensive experience. In New York, the statute of limitations allows only three years to file personal injury lawsuits following an accident, and in your best interest, hire a lawyer at the earliest. Ask the attorney if they have handled cases with similar or comparable circumstances, and discuss what you should expect from the case. If you want to know a lawyer better, you can always ask for references, or else, just check for reviews online. 

  • What are the costs of the case?

Many personal injury attorneys in NY take up cases on a contingency fee, which means that they don’t get paid if they don’t win. However, there can be other costs related to the case, and an attorney should be able to offer an overview. For instance, there could be expenses related to investigation for establishing liability. 

Also, do ensure that the attorney you meet is the one working directly on your case. You don’t want to pay for a known personal injury attorney, when a junior associate is handling the work.