Will Facebook Ads Still Work in 2022?

For years, Facebook was the place to be for advertisers looking to reach consumers in their droves. Whether you were Coca-Cola wanting to promote the new Coke Zero Sugar recipe or Ford trying to up sales on their latest SUV, Facebook had advertisers falling over themselves for a chance to get in front of their target audience — but times are changing.

Recently, some companies have begun turning away from Facebook Ads in favour of newer platforms that offer bigger audiences or better capabilities. This trend seems likely to continue into the future as new technologies are developed, creating a large number of Facebook ad closures.

This leads to the question, “Will Facebook ads still work in 2022?”

The answer is yes. As technology continues to improve, so will Facebook’s advertising system. The future will bring about even more updates that could potentially revolutionize how online marketing is done.

The world of marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade, thanks to the tumultuous rise of online advertising. Industry experts cannot seem to agree on how long it will take for established industries like print and television to fall completely out of favour with advertisers (if they ever do), but few would argue that change is not coming.

Even industry giants like Facebook are not immune to this shift.

Social media marketing agency owners and marketers are asking how long it will be before the social media platform’s dominance is challenged. However, despite their declining stock value and ad revenue, there is no reason to believe that Facebook advertising will stop working in 2022 or even at all. Understanding the reasons why this is true, though, will require a look at the history of Facebook ads and how they have changed over time.

The initial surge in users for social media platforms like Facebook was driven by an increasing desire to share personal information with the world. This allowed advertisers who used these platforms to better target their ads based on things like people’s interests and location. However, as social media has grown, the focus has shifted away from the personal and toward the professional.

Instead of connecting with other users, people want to use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to connect with businesses for information about products and news. This shift has caused a dramatic decline in organic reach for posts, but it also means that ads are becoming more effective.

In fact, it has been found that Facebook advertising works better now than ever before because the average person spends more time on their phone scrolling through posts from businesses and organizations instead of from friends and family. The result is a perfect storm of increased relevance for marketers and rosters of Social media marketing agency, and a greater willingness among users to engage with sponsored content.

Of course, Facebook did not become one of the world’s largest companies by making itself obsolete. As more and more businesses begin to depend on more efficient advertising methods like sponsored posts, Facebook will be sure to follow suit to stay competitive.

Suppose history indicates how the company will handle future market shifts (and there is no reason to believe that it won’t). In that case, Facebook advertising will continue to adapt and improve over time.

The only way advertisers can expect the platform’s effectiveness to decline in 2022 is if Facebook starts going out of business. For now, though, marketers have no need to fear a loss of relevance for their ads on the platform.


Despite its banality, Facebook ads are still an integral part of marketers’ branding strategies. They’re also becoming more insidious by the day, as social media managers resort to spammier and more invasive tactics in order to get their products or services noticed.

The truth is that ads are here to stay on Facebook. But with 2022 just around the corner and the 2020s already shaping up to be a decade of technological innovation, it’s not too far-fetched to expect something new and even revolutionary in terms of Facebook ads.

Will we see them go extinct? Probably not. More likely, we’ll come across some interesting concepts that will maintain their presence on social media while also providing better opportunities for marketers and users alike.